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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what you can expect at goat yoga. If you have another question, please contact us.

What do I bring to Goat Yoga?

Nimble Hill Goat Yoga is on farmland, you CAN do yoga in the grass however, we recommend
you bring your own yoga mat, towel or blanket.

What should I wear to goat yoga?

Dress warm! We checked the forecast for you and it should be a beautiful, cool, evening.
We suggest you wear something comfortable and easy to move around in. Wear layers, it’s
October! Remember, we’ll be on farmland with goats jumping and playing all around you.
(we don’t recommend wearing anything that you don’t want to get dirty)

Can we pick up and hold the goats?

Absolutely! Sommer will be giving a demonstration on how to hold the goats for a safe, fun and
comfortable experience for you and the babies. Please be respectful to the goats, do not chase
them as we want them to feel happy and content with human interaction. Goats are playful and
loving creatures and they enjoy jumping and playing with people. If a goat falls asleep on your
mat, feel free to meditate and rest as well. If you are holding a goat and it begins to wiggle or
bleat, please put the goat down as it may need to nurse. Please be mindful of the amount of
time you spend holding a goat, as we would like to share the love with all of our goat yogi

Can we take pictures?

YES! Please take pictures and tag us! Goat yoga is a fun and memorable experience and we want
you to make the best memories while flowing with us!
We will also be shooting a time lapse from the back of the class throughout the ent
ire hour. Be
sure to check it out once it’s posted. No faces will be shown in this video.

Do you have Gift Certificates or T-Shirts or other merchandise for sale?

YES! Please ask about Hoodies, T-shirts, Tanks and Gift Cards!

How long is the class?

The actual class is (1) hour long, but you may stay longer to take pictures and mingle with the
goats and other farm animals.

Do you have a restroom?

If you gotta go, we do have a porta-potty, but recommend using a restroom before class.

What about the goat poop?

We saved the best question for last! Yes, goats’ poop! Their poop is very small pellets with little to
no smell. If a goat poops near you, you can brush it into the grass where it will help the pasture
grow. We even recommend taking some home to your garden as it is a great source of minerals and
makes a wonderful manure.

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